Barbican – The Land That Time Forgot

London. As I walk along her streets scouting for new locations I can't help but giggle to myself when I turn a corner and ahead of me on the street are lights, cameras and actors. London is one big movie set. It has made me see the city in a different way. Recently I did two shoots at the Barbican Centre. I've lived in London for many years but had never really had a wander around Barbican. Walking through the underpass it felt like the entrance to a time-tunnel.  The further I walked along it the closer I got to another era. I found it strange to have a quiet place in this bustling city and the brutalist architecture was a wee bit haunting yet oddly beautiful, "like the place that time forgot" suggested my friend Hem Raheja.

Hem joins me on a few of my wanders around London. We walk for hours exploring and like me, he's amazed at by the hidden parts of London. We try to work out what movies have been shot where we are and imagine what ones could be shot. We started a joint project: doing shoots with a theme of a movie or match the mood of the area where we happen to be. This shoot felt like the opening to a zombie apocalypse: an eerie silence where there should be life and action.

A little about my trusty muse, Hem, who will feature quite a bit on this blog. Hem is a PR Consultant and proud Londoner. Born and raised in the capital, Hem has spent years exploring all that the city has to offer but still finds new places and things. When not enjoying the London life, Hem spends his time travelling to new countries. Whether it's the beaches of Philippines or the snowy peaks of Canada, Hem loves exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. Check out his Instagram account @hemraheja.

There's so much to explore in this huge metropolis.  Grab your cameras and have an adventure.

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